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How much coverage will you get me?

Prospective clients often ask: “how much coverage can you get me?”

Before hiring a PR, you need to understand whether or not you have a good news story. This will enable your publicist to get you good results. I’m going to define a good news story for you below.

Something new and unique:

For doctors: That means a new clinic, treatment (a UK first), surgical technique (complete with the first patient to have it), research

For food & drink: That means a new brand, product line, cookery book

For beauty: A new brand, product line (preferably hitting a trend), sponsorship, collaboration

*Brands need regular NPD or budget for influencers.

Sex sells so celebrities, influencers, models and chefs do wonders for doctors, clinics and FMCG brands alike. Plastic surgeons can comment on what celebrities may have had done to keep themselves in the news.

The ‘Ahh’ factor – that’s sweet stories with kids and animals. If this is in your story, you’re onto a winner (except for alcohol brands. Marketing to kids would be a big no-no!).

Scandal, trouble and jeopardy – Well, the media is there to hold businesses and the government to account! If a story has any element of trouble to it, then it could be a news story. Covid is the obvious trouble right now. If you’re a psychiatrist, you may discuss the mental health tsunami engulfing the UK. If you’re a GP, winter wellness is your ticket. If you’re a cardiologist, you can discuss the impact of long Covid and so on.

In more normal times, putting on events can make the headlines:

There’s a recipe for this too:

Story – awe (size, spectacle)

Urban space – The more central and eye catching, the better

Public interaction – if there’s a call for public involvement and there’s great uptake

Weather – needs to be good!

Topicality – promoting a current event or referencing an ongoing news story

Virality – designed to be shared online (emotional, inspirational, funny, carried by influencers)

Celebrity involvement

Your results will depend upon hitting the mark.


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